​Esther O'Connor
​Speaker, Bible Studies, Missions, Mommy
​​​​​Early Life 
Born and raised in the country of Honduras to her amazing parents Wilford and Annie Dilbert, she grew up in a christian home. Her parents were pastors and founding apostles of Casa de Dios in Honduras central America.. Growing up she saw the unwavering faith of her parents and the profound love they had for God, each other, their children, ministry, and people.
At a young age Esther stood out as a leader and started teaching kids her own age sunday school in her fathers church at the young age of 11 by the age of 19 she was selected youth pastor, in her early 20" head usher, kids choir director amongst other things. These things were not a ministry or a chore for her because she knew she had to serve God and be obedient.

Personal Life
Esther is married and has a family of her own. Her daughter Genesis is a miracle baby, arriving later in life after doctors told her she would most likely never have a baby unless through IVF, but God had other plans and fullfilled the greatest desire of her heart, and that was to become a mommy. as well as a step mother to two.
No stranger to the power of God, Esther was healed of various sickness includung a non benign tumor located in her abdomen as a pre-teen, has war against the wiles of the enemy in spiritual warefare, including a demon possed man that was stalking her at the age of 18. Through it all God has always been there to give her the victory.

While serving as youth pastor tragedy would struck her family after coming back with the youth of the church from an open air service where her father Pastor Wilford Dilbert Sr. had taken the youth to evangelize door to door in the village one of the near villages., that night Pastor Wilford preached on John 3:16  several people gave their lives to God that night. After geting back Pastor Wilford was struck by a bullet that would change the family and ministry for ever. Esther and her family beleive and stand firm in their belief that what satan ment for evil God turned into good. The work that her father started in Honduras did not end but has continue to florish and expand.. Her father had founded 13 churches throughout Honduras at the time of his death, there are more the 20 churches now under the leadership of her eldest brother Wilford Dilbert JR.
Esther is passionate about helping every believer and unbeliever seek and find Gods purpose in their lives. She is passionate about missions and how the gospel can and has spread hrough those that are obedient. as well as, evangelism, and winning souls.

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Speaker, Wife, Mother, Child Of God.

I am a motivational christian speaker, available to speak at your next event, conference or congregation, Although I love preaching and ministering the word of God, my first priority is being a child of God, I told him I wanted my name written in the book of life, more then I wanted a ministry, I told him I would never kick a door open, but I would allow Him to open the doors he wants me to step through,  I told him I just want to obey Him. I just want to be His daughter, His friend, His servant.

I am allowing God to lead supernaturally, so I go with his plan, his purpose to bless those who listen.
OH, how I love him, but I love Him because He loved me first. 
Teaching, testifiying, speaking, and ministering to:
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  • Retreats
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  • and more..
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